Our Commitment to Green
13 April 2023
By Chris Mitchell In the summer of 2019, my 5-year-old twin daughters were playing on a recreational soccer team and I was fortunate enough to be their coach. Every Saturday morning was a struggle to get out of the house, but one weekend we made it to a game, seemingly, without a hitch. The girls had their breakfast, dressed in their uniform, and the car was loaded in record time, and as we pulled into the park I looked over at my wife and said, “I feel like we are forgetting something...
Where Sustainability Meets Function
21 March 2022
Written by: Dave Barr When you walk through a store and look at all the flexible packaging on the shelves, do you know how many are made of paper? It’s hard to tell sometimes because a lot of packaging is actually plastic that’s just made to look like paper, but we’ll tell you: not enough packaging is made out of sustainable material. While it may look like paper, it doesn’t function like paper and is harmful to the environment. From product concept to end-of- life, ...
Celebrating Women’s History Month
7 March 2022
March is Women’s History Month and we’re shining the spotlight on some of the amazing women here at Dunn Paper. Meet Cindy West, senior buyer, and Renee Bond, logistics manager.    Cindy West West: I’m Cindy West. My title is Senior Buyer. I buy and schedule the raw materials (recycled paper) for the Ladysmith, WI Mill. I’m also the corporate lead for our sustainability certifications (SFI/FSC/PEFC). I’ve been working for...
When The Stars Align: The Podcast
31 January 2022

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When our goals and our customer’s goals compliment each other, that’s when the stars align to create a sustainable paper product. Join members of our sales team Jeff Wessel, Joe Doyle, and Dan O’Brien as they discuss how Dunn Paper works to align ourselves with our customers.

From The Source
9 January 2022
Sustainability runs deep at Dunn Paper. We talk a big game about our eco-friendly products, but do we practice what we preach? In a word: absolutely. From our pulp sources to the end of life of our products, we take special care to ensure that every step of our process is environmentally friendly. Over the years there have been several common themes that as a material supplier are meaningful for development and product manufacturing. These are the basis for our sustainability programs and po...
Dunn Paper Celebrates Women's History Month
28 March 2021
March is Women’s History Month and to wrap up the celebration, we wanted to shine the spotlight on a couple of Dunn Paper’s women in leadership roles: Deb Doubek, a Logistics Supervisor, and Sherril Mayton, a Mill Manger. Doubek Doubek: Hello, my name is Deb Doubek. I am the Logistic Supervisor at Dunn Paper in Menominee, MI.  I have been at this mill for 15 years, though I did take a bit of a hiatus after 10 years and worked at GENCO (now FedEx) for a few years. I ...
2021: The Year Of Dunn
25 January 2021
To say that 2020 was a challenging year is an understatement and at this point, a cliché, but BiOrigin is proud to say that we thrived through the year. Our company has continued to grow in terms of our team, our product technology, and our office space. In 2020 we had the opportunity to open our headquarters in a new building in Alpharetta, Georgia, and design the whole space for the benefit of our employees. Kristen McDonald, Dunn Paper’s CHRO, was heavily involved in brin...
Introducing BiOrigin™ – The Next Generation Of Sustainable Coated Paper
25 January 2021
We’ve Dunn it again – we’ve taken everything you know and love about paper, stripped it down, and built it back up. Over the last several years, European regulations have banned the use of PFAS chemicals in food packaging papers. Long before the FDA took action to sunset the manufacture and sale of these additives in the U.S., however, Dunn developed paper grades that offer the same level of performance but are PFAS-free. Paper is inherently sustainable, but the chemicals t...

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