Mill Spotlight: Menominee, MI
20 June 2023
BiOrigin Specialty Products is made up of six paper mills in the US and Canada and each one plays an important role in our tissue and paper production. Each mill is rich in its own history and has a myriad of accomplishments that we want to proudly showcase.  The mill in Menominee, Michigan sits on a little peninsula a stone's throw from the Wisconsin border. Nestled between the Menominee River and Green Bay, this 250,000 sq. ft mill has a lovely view of the lighthouse at Ann Ar...
Practice Safe Packaging
5 June 2023
It’s time for The Talk. We want to make sure you are practicing safe packaging; that means your products are not only eco-friendly, but also safe for consumers.  As consumers, we look for packaging that is convenient, functional, and ideally, sustainable; but it has to catch our eye first. As brand owners, you want your packaging to ooze shelf-appeal and make it almost impossible for end-users to ignore while leaving the smallest impact as possible on the environment. The question...
Where Sustainability Meets Function
21 March 2022
Written by: Dave Barr When you walk through a store and look at all the flexible packaging on the shelves, do you know how many are made of paper? It’s hard to tell sometimes because a lot of packaging is actually plastic that’s just made to look like paper, but we’ll tell you: not enough packaging is made out of sustainable material. While it may look like paper, it doesn’t function like paper and is harmful to the environment. From product concept to end-of- life, ...
Celebrating Women’s History Month
7 March 2022
March is Women’s History Month and we’re shining the spotlight on some of the amazing women here at Dunn Paper. Meet Cindy West, senior buyer, and Renee Bond, logistics manager.    Cindy West West: I’m Cindy West. My title is Senior Buyer. I buy and schedule the raw materials (recycled paper) for the Ladysmith, WI Mill. I’m also the corporate lead for our sustainability certifications (SFI/FSC/PEFC). I’ve been working for...

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