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Where Sustainability Meets Function

Where Sustainability Meets Function

21 March 2022

Written by: Dave Barr

When you walk through a store and look at all the flexible packaging on the shelves, do you know how many are made of paper? It’s hard to tell sometimes because a lot of packaging is actually plastic that’s just made to look like paper, but we’ll tell you: not enough packaging is made out of sustainable material. While it may look like paper, it doesn’t function like paper and is harmful to the environment.

From product concept to end-of- life, the lifecycle of our paper is designed with specific intentions (and the planet) in mind. Renewable, recyclable, and compostable are three key words that describe many of our paper products.

Product development is a strategic initiative at Dunn Paper and our pipeline of new products is aligned with the needs and wants of the segments we serve. Keeping up with market trends and developing innovative customer specific projects is how we are “Making Tomorrow’s Paper Today.”

All packaging has three primary functions: Appearance, Barrier, and Containment. Here at Dunn, we have taken that fundamental concept and applied it to our product development pipeline and technology. Our BiOrigin™ technology stands out in the appearance category; their smooth and ink receptive surface provide the perfect blank canvas for any eye-catching graphics. For barrier and containment, we have a myriad of bio-friendly layers and coatings that work to keep your product in, and the outside world, out. 

Functionality is critical to sustainability which is why all our current products and developments are designed with function in mind. A product that meets all the environmental attributes but sacrifices function is not a sustainable product. At Dunn, we are focused on both. First, making sure our paper meets the functional requirements and secondly, meeting the desired environmental benefits.  Paper: Dunn better.

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With nearly a century of history behind us, Dunn Paper has been a leader in the paper industry ever since we opened our first paper mill in 1924. With a focus on eco-friendly specialty paper and tissue, we work with top converters to create innovative sustainable paper products that have thousands of possible applications. Dunn has maintained its position as a trusted wholesale paper supplier, continuing to thrive, grow, and manufacture some of the finest sustainable paper and tissue products in North America by making tomorrow's paper today.

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