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Practice Safe Packaging

Practice Safe Packaging

5 June 2023

It’s time for The Talk. We want to make sure you are practicing safe packaging; that means your products are not only eco-friendly, but also safe for consumers. 

As consumers, we look for packaging that is convenient, functional, and ideally, sustainable; but it has to catch our eye first. As brand owners, you want your packaging to ooze shelf-appeal and make it almost impossible for end-users to ignore while leaving the smallest impact as possible on the environment. The question is how? 

You start at the beginning. Paper is inherently sustainable, but the chemicals that are added to increase its functionality are what diminish its environmental benefits. 

Enter BiOrigin Specialty Products.

We've taken paper and rebuilt it from the ground up. Starting with nothing but fiber and water, flipping traditional chemistry on its head, then using bio-based methods to enhance its performance. Our paper technology is free from harmful chemicals, opting for specialty paper coatings that meet certification requirements for renewability, recyclability, and compostability. 


We practice safe packaging around here. That means not only are our specialty paper products safe for consumers, but also safe for the environment. It’s no secret that single-use plastics (SUPs) are harmful to our ecosystem. Plastic packaging takes years to break down in the ocean – leaving chemicals and toxic particles (microplastics) behind. Plastic alternative products such as BSP’s specialty paper are changing the game. Fully recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, and landfill-safe, you can feel good about the products that you put on the shelf.

So our sustainable paper technology is renewable, recyclable, and compostable. But to consider something a viable option for plastic packaging replacement, it has to be functional. 

Let’s get technical: BiOrigin Specialty Products utilizes bio-based polymers as a sealing agent and provides protection from outside elements while promoting product freshness. If we dissect this paper technology, each layer provides functional benefits to create a sheet that performs exactly how you need it to every time. The base sheet provides good formation, high opacity, and low porosity and can be customized for target properties of oil/grease resistance. On basis weights above 34#, a back-side Fluorocarbon-free treatment can be applied for oil/grease resistance on both sides.

“It was important to us to create an eco-friendly paper grade that was free from harmful chemicals and still delivered performance for all types of flexible packaging,” said Joe Doyle, VP of Sales and Marketing, “We used the latest technology in coated paper and paired it with our state-of-the-art grease, moisture, and oxygen coatings and created this second-to-none product that will benefit our customers and the environment alike.”


The first rule of practicing safe packaging is that your food products are protected from the outside world and non-food items are contained without worry of leakage. BSP’s barrier technology provides food service, food processing, and food packaging companies with protection and functionality that doesn’t rely on harmful chemistry.

If only this amazing, sustainable technology was printable. Well, dreams do come true! Our paper technology is highly print receptive, so it’s the perfect substrate for high quality, head-turning graphics. This technology creates a surface that achieves both functional oil/grease barrier and the print surface needed for demanding graphics. So it is not only a massive leap forward in quality and sustainability but also provides brand owners with the opportunity to utilize eye-catching graphics and increase shelf-appeal that provides a viable alternative to plastic. Say hello to packaging that consumers won’t be able to keep their hands off of.

Many brands have committed to most or all of their packaging to be fully recyclable or compostable by the year 2025. Not sure if you've noticed but that deadline is creeping up fast! No need to panic, if you’ve read this far you know now that paper is the perfect solution for many applications. For example, our specialty paper technology is perfect for the food service and retail/grocery industries, for products like sandwich wraps, clamshell paper food containers, stand up pouches, retail bags, and so much more. No matter the coating, your packaging design will stand out and capture the eye (and heart) of your consumers and they won’t be going home alone. 


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With a focus on eco-friendly specialty paper, packaging, and tissue, BiOrigin Specialty Products is a trusted wholesale paper supplier, continuing to thrive, grow, and manufacture some of the finest sustainable paper and tissue products in North America. Visit us at www.BiOriginSP.com 


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