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Mill Spotlight: Menominee, MI

Mill Spotlight: Menominee, MI

20 June 2023

BiOrigin Specialty Products is made up of six paper mills in the US and Canada and each one plays an important role in our tissue and paper production. Each mill is rich in its own history and has a myriad of accomplishments that we want to proudly showcase. 

The mill in Menominee, Michigan sits on a little peninsula a stone's throw from the Wisconsin border. Nestled between the Menominee River and Green Bay, this 250,000 sq. ft mill has a lovely view of the lighthouse at Ann Arbor park and Tourist Beach.

The first and last WaxTex
The first and last WaxTex

The Menominee Mill was built by Menominee Paper Company in the 1920’s by Hoskin’s Moranville with the construction of #1 paper machine where they produced white board grades. Over the next few decades it would flourish and evolve under the ownership of a few different companies before joining our family of mills in 1998 when we were then called Cellu Tissue. 

This mill houses one paper machine and other converting assets and is home to over 100 BSP employees who produce machine-glazed papers, such as aluminum foil laminate backing, hamburger patty interleaving, waxed paper base, deli sandwich wrap, and medical products such as table covers. In 2022, Menominee had a new headbox installed on #2 PM that increased the paper machine’s production and ability to produce a higher quality sheet. 

Headbox Installation

With all of the changes BiOrigin Specialty Products has undergone recently, Menominee, along with our five other mills, continues to thrive and deliver some of the best specialty paper products on the market today. 


Want to learn more about our Menominee mill? Below is a timeline of major events in the mill’s history.


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