Eco-Friendly Paper Packaging For Retail And Grocery

Plastic waste in the retail and grocery industries is top of mind with eco-conscious consumers, brands, and retailers alike. BiOrigin Specialty Products invites you to reconsider your retail packaging options, swapping them out for durable, sustainable, and beautiful paper products that do more and cost the same (or even less).

Retail Packaging Supplies That Fly Off The Shelf.

In the competitive retail and grocery space, shelf-appeal and beautiful branding are absolute musts. Stand out from the crowd with custom paper packaging that looks good and puts your unique brand front and center. In a grocery setting, many brands use plastic that looks like paper as the appearance layer; Why not use REAL paper and benefit from removing plastic from the store shelves, without sacrificing shelf appeal or brand loyalty!

  • Antimicrobial coated
  • High gloss printing surface
  • Wax coated
  • Water-base coated
  • Machine Glazed

Melt, Spill, Leak, And Accident-Proof Paper Products!

There’s a reason you put your products in a retail bag or package and not just out on the shelf; you want to protect them from the outside world and the outside world from them. At BiOrigin SP, we work with a wide range of retail and grocery products, tailoring them to your specialized needs. No matter how sensitive the contents, we’ll make sure nothing melts, spills, leaks, or deteriorates.

  • Fluorochemical-free
  • Water and oxygen impermeable
  • Water-resistant
  • Oil and grease-resistant
  • Through air-dried tissue
  • Antibacterial coating

All Wrapped Up In A Neat Little Package.

Nothing sneaks past BSP’s retail packaging supplies. Talk to us about what you’re trying to contain, and we’ll help match you with the best paper products to do just that. Whether you want to keep the contents warm, protect them as they’re being shipped, or simply seal them off from outside touch, we have the supplies you need to make it happen!

  • MG base paper for foil lamination
  • Heat-sealable coatings
  • Deadfold/wrap-around


High-Quality Paper Products With a Competitive Edge.

As savvy consumers learn more about the effects of single-use plastic in the retail and grocery space, they look for eco-conscious alternatives they can feel good about. Trading plastic grocery bags for ones made of recycled paper or vowing to go plastic-free for your CPG packaging can go a long way with your customers, and of course, with the environment!

Our Sustainable Paper Products Make Great:

Bakery Bags
Meat & Cheese Inter-Leavers
Wax Paper / Parchment Paper
White or Deep Color Colored Napkins
Basket & Cone Filter Paper / Coffee Filters
Kitchen Towels
Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper
Absorbent Cores
Stand-Up Pouches
Soup & Sauce Packets
Single or Multi-Wall Bags
Snack Tubes
Candy Bags
Cookie Bags
Frozen Vegetables Box Overwrap

Ready To Commit To Sustainable Retail Practices?

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