Medical Paper And Tissue Products With Hundreds Of Applications

BiOrigin Specialty Products paper and tissue products are trusted by healthcare professionals across the US and in Canada. Sustainable, versatile, durable, and functional, they’re the perfect addition to any medical setting.

Tough And Durable Medical Paper.

That crucial outer layer of our medical paper products is often the first touchpoint that makes direct contact with your patients and staff. We make sure it’s protective and presentable, so they can feel comfortable in any healthcare space - be it a clinic, veterinary office, or hospital.

  • Machine Glazed
  • Brandable/Printable

Hygiene And Safety First. Every Single Time.

At BiOrigin Specialty Products, keeping medical staff and patients safe is always top-of-mind. Our scientific approach to paper manufacturing means our barriers work just as hard as you do to maintain the highest level of hygiene, safety, and protection in a sensitive environment.

  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Fluorochemical-free
  • Water-repellant/moisture-resistant (water, sweat, bodily fluids etc.)
  • Made with breathable materials

Tear-Proof, Leak-Proof, And All-Around Protective Medical Gear

BSP’s medical supplies keep everything neatly contained, exactly the way it should be. Choose from our range of medical paper products at the bottom of this page, or create something completely custom, either way, we’ll make sure our products exceed your standards.

  • MG base paper for foil lamination
  • Heat-sealed


Eco-Friendly Medical Supplies That Come Full Circle.

With an increasing demand for disposable, single-use medical supplies, it’s more important than ever to ensure we’re not adding unnecessary medical waste to an overloaded system. BiOrigin Specialty Products goes the extra mile to ensure our medical products are responsibly manufactured, from the recycled materials we use, right through to recyclable and compostable end-of-life options.

Our Eco-Friendly Paper Products Make Great:

Medical Exam Table Paper
Surgical Drapes
Gown Stocks
Face Masks
Children’s/Adult Diapers
Sanitary Towels
Paper Towels
Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper
Antiseptic Towelettes
And So Much More!

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