Sustainable Paper Products For The Industrial Space

Reduce, reuse, recycle is more than just a mantra - it’s a commitment to improved environmental practices, no matter what industry you’re in. As a trusted name in specialty paper and tissue products, BiOrigin Specialty Products has been helping companies in the industrial space focus on sustainability by swapping wasteful products for recyclable, compostable, eco-friendly paper solutions.

Tough Paper Products, Designed To Perform.

Industrial products like construction materials are less about looks and more about performance. That’s why we put our paper to the test, ensuring that it’s tough enough for whatever situation it’s thrown in to. Want to add your branding? BSP makes it easy, with printable, brandable industrial materials.

  • Machine Glazed
  • Brandable/Printable
  • Water-base coated
  • Deep color

Not Just Beautiful, Functional.

With a scientific approach at the core of everything we do, our paper products can be layered with specialty coatings and barriers that take them to another level of functionality. No matter if your environment is wet, dirty, or even greasy, BiOrigin Specialty Products can be manufactured to actively repel outside elements, protecting it from leaks, tears, and other accidents.

  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Fluorochemical-free
  • High absorbency
  • Water-repellant/moisture-resistant
  • Made with breathable materials

Safeguarding Your Industrial Materials From The Outside World

We go beyond the surface, ensuring that your industrial materials and paper products are thoroughly contained where it counts. Whether your products need an extra layer of insulation or you’re worried about them coming into contact with sensitive materials, we’ll do our part to ensure all your containment standards are being met.

  • Interleaving
  • Bonded
  • Heat-sealed
  • MG base paper for foil lamination


High-Quality Paper Products With a Competitive Edge.

Incorporating sustainability as part of your industrial business can go a long way when it comes to environmental responsibility. Feel confident knowing that you’re doing your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle, without going over budget.

Our Eco-Friendly Tissue Products Make Great:

Masking Tape Base
Industrial Wipers

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