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Sustainable Paper Products for Food Service are Our Bread and Butter.

Ever have takeout from your favorite restaurant? Lunch at the school cafeteria? A snack in the hotel lobby? Then you’ve probably used BiOrigin Specialty Products custom food packaging and paper products - without even knowing it.

In fact, Food Service providers across the continent are eating up our innovative and eco-friendly paper products. And there’s a reason why.

Restaurant Supplies That Look Good, Down to the Very Last Detail.

As the ‘ole saying goes, you eat with your eyes first. And, since the first thing your patrons see are your paper food bags, take out containers, tray liners, or even restaurant napkins, they play an important role in improving your overall dining experience.

Help leave a good taste in their mouth, by using BSP’s superior paper products that look (and feel) amazing. What’s more, is we’ll make sure they’re ready to be custom-printed with your beautiful branding - no matter what dyes or prints you choose to use.

  • High gloss printing surface.
  • Wax coating.
  • Water-based coating.
  • Color and bonded napkins.

Let the Food Melt in Their Mouth, Not the Paper.

Sustainable paper products don’t have to mean flimsy tissue that falls apart at the sight of grease, water, or other substances. Our paper scientists consistently come up with leading solutions that are market-tested to hold up to outside elements, while making sure the materials are breathable enough to protect your food.

  • Fluorochemical-free.
  • Grease and oil resistant.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Through air-dried.

Smartly Designed Paper Products That Lock In Flavors and Keep Food Fresh.

BSP’s high-end paper products can handle extreme temperatures and keep food tasting the way it should. Even if it goes on a long journey from your kitchen to your customer’s doorstep - our paper packaging, napkins, and tissue products will keep things tightly sealed.

  • MG base paper for foil lamination.
  • Heat-sealable.
  • Deadfold / wrap around.


High-Quality Paper Products With a Competitive Edge.

Styrofoam takeout containers are so passe; they’re filling up our landfills and giving restaurants a bad rep. By making a commitment to sustainable packaging practices, you’ll be doing good for your people, planet, and pocket (our paper products cost approximately the same as plastic and are much better for the environment).

Our Sustainable Paper Products Make Great:

Food Service Paper Bags
Paper Food Containers
Sandwich Wraps
Tray liners / Basket liners
Paper Straws
Coffee Filters
Bakery Bags
Paper Towels
Absorbent Cores
Innerfolded Wax Paper
Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper
And So Much More!

Ready To Elevate Your Dining Experience?

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